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Here are 3 Apps That Can Lend you Money Until Your next Paycheck without a Credit Check. 

Have you ever experienced the feeling of your world crashing down, when you log into your bank account and you realized that you been hit with an overdraft fee?

If you never had to deal with an overdraft fee before, you are either very “lucky” or very good with your money. Regardless of your situation, if you have a traditional bank account and you have automatic payments coming out of it. You are bound to get an overdraft fee.

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Technology is advancing quickly which is making life easier than ever. The many technological advances that we have today are connecting people and business in a way that is creating a lot of room for making money on your own schedule. With that in mind, I have decided to create a list of a few legitimate ways that you can try to make some extra money on your own schedule.

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Magic in the forest, by deiiff88.  Men's Streetwear in Style loves the environment and wants to give back. Men's Streetwear In Style knows how important the environment is for everyone and as a company, we wanted to extend our commitment to the environment by giving back a little something. We are very concerned about the environment and we want to do whatever we can to help fix the harm we as humans have inflicted in our planet through our careless consumption and deforestation. With the Help of Pledgeling, We can now make a small impact to the environment by giving something back.Their easy...

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Is there a cure for a hangover?  The real true is... There is no cure for a hangover and that is a Fact.... ....BUT what is a hangover you might be asking??    well if you are reading this you probably survived a night out drinking with your buddies, hopefully you didn't get into any fights,wreck your car for driving under the influence of alcohol or wake up somewhere you didn't even know?... Trust and believe, I heard all the stories that there is about a night out before... THERE IS NO ESCAPING A HANGOVER Weather you spent the night...

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